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    Career Opportunities after B.Pharmacy

    Pharmacy field is a very vast and a fast growing sector nowadays. Tremendous increase in the rise of various hospitals, pharmaceutical firms and nursing homes all over the country has gradually increased numerous opportunities for the pharmacy graduates. The pharmacy field provides a bright career in ways of both a good employment and in terms of beginning own business. Government is also promoting to start an own business.

    There are diverse employment areas for the pharmacists such as in government departments, Pharmaceutical companies, Investigation, Universities, Research institutes, Teaching hospitals, etc. The pharmacists are engaged within these organizations in the activities like formulation, production, development and distribution of various existing and new drugs for the dispensary uses. Other wide range of employment lies in the drug control administration and in armed forces. They can also work as medical representatives with the responsibilities like introducing new drugs to the medical professionals and pharmacy shops thus promoting the sales of their pharmaceutical firms. In government sector they can start as Drug Analyst, Drug Inspectors, Drug Control officer and as pharmacists. In private sectors the B.Pharmacy graduates can absorb form entry levels as production chemist, Quality control chemist, QA analyst and Packaging officer. They can promote up to General Manager Level or plant head. Some other areas of high demand are clinical trials, drug regulatory affairs, Intellectual property rights, bioinformatics and legal affairs.

    The pharmacists can work both in central government, state government departments and in private industries. The government departments include Health protection branch, Pest control division of Agriculture, Provincial Departments of Environment or agriculture, etc. There are opportunities also with the food and cosmetic industries and any industries which need the assurance of safety and effectiveness of new products.

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